Urban Forum Kazakhstan
In 2016 and 2017, Urban Forum Kazakhstan in partnership with the New Civil Initiatives Program of the Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan held city project contests in Almaty.

In the first year, the selection was for the projects aimed at increasing civil engagement, transparency of urban processes and promoting sustainable city development. Eight out of 80 applications received grants.

The next round of the contests in 2017 identified new criteria: projects had to be implemented in off-center areas of Almaty, should engage local communities and build partnerships with other stakeholders. Six out of 53 applications were short-listed.
Travel to the Balapan Country
The project is about creating interactive guidebooks on 10 city museums for children and teenagers. It was created by museum workers and designers. The project transferred printed materials and source files to the museums that could print and update them on its own. They are also available on the website for download. Within the project, children were invited to visit museums.
Microdistrict #3 - the House of the Artist
The project was conceived as part of the campaign "The City of Genius", dedicated to the works of the artist Sergey Kalmykov. Renowned director and producer Rustem Begenov planned to create an art installation in the courtyard of a house in Almaty's microdistrict, where Kalmykov lived, and in other city areas. The project was not implemented as such, rather as a multimedia theatrical performance.