About Project
A year ago, we had an idea to return the "Arman" crown - a unique decorative form that crowned the facade of the cinema, but dismantled and destroyed in the early 2000s. The project in the process changed its shape and us.
In our manifesto, we talk about how it happened that we all now face even more questions, and why they are more complicated than they seem.
Project Partner
The project "Arman Alma-Ata" was supported by the Goethe-Institute Kazakhstan. Its Director Eva Schmidt tells why.
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Arman Alma-Ata. Origin
The project "Arman Alma-Ata" appeared 5 years ago through the efforts of a group of architects "AtomikArchitecture", producer Nargiz Shukenova and graphic designer Dastan Bisenov. The aim of the project was to launch a discussion on the importance of preserving the architectural heritage of the city.