On November 13, 2015 Urban Forum Almaty conference took place at the National Academy of Sciences.

The theme of the conference was «Identity of Almaty city».

The forum is aimed at creating an independent dialogue platform for discussing the current problems of development of the Almaty agglomeration: awareness and positioning of Almaty’s identity, the formation of a modern sustainable infrastructure, the participation of civil society in the formulation and solution of city problems.

The main tasks of the Urban Forum Almaty 2015 are the discussion and evaluation of proposals for solving urban problems with the participation of experts and citizens, the development of practical recommendations, the study of world urban trends and the experience of other cities.

The conference opened with a welcome speech by the deputy akim of Almaty, Zhunusova A.A. and presentation of the results of sociological research of socio-cultural identification of the population of Almaty.
Almaty is a city for people and people for the city” Research materials

After the plenary session, the forum participants dispersed to audiences where panel discussions took place:
– Almaty residents: citizens and townspeople or passengers of the city?
– Identity of Almaty in the branding of the city
– The influence of ecology on the identity of Almaty
– Infrastructure and the role of architecture in forming the identity of Almaty

Moderators and speakers: Assel Yeszhanova, Madi Mambetov, Marat Sadykov, Zhanna Prashkevich, Azhar Dzhandossova, Erlan Stambekov, Almas Ordabayev, Zhanna Spuner, Mukhit Azirbayev and others.

Presentation by Sh. Aitenova «Almaty: from growth to development, how dialogue can become a resource for qualitative changes»

During the closing session, Urban Forum Almaty in partnership with the Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan announced a contest for implementation of civil initiatives in the field of sustainable development in Almaty. The Foundation allocated 36 million tenge for this contest.

The result of Urban Forum Almaty 2015 was a document that included the main results of panel discussions. Recommendations of experts were presented to the attention of the akimat.

The conference was attended by representatives of the city government, independent architects, historians, sociologists, marketers and entrepreneurs. The event will also feature international experts: Vice President of the Royal Institute of British Architects Peter Oborn, founder of the London design studio Lacock Gullam Sam Gullam, architect Mike Ouds.

November 10 – screening of the documentary film “Project of the Century” as part of the program of the Сlique.Doc. Film Festival. Discussion of the film and theme of mono-cities together with the invited urbanists.
Arman Cinema center, 18:00, free admission.

November 10-12 – master class for young professionals led by designer Sam Gullam, founder of the London city landscape studio Lacock Gullam, as part of British Urban Days program.

November 13 – Urban Forum Almaty 2015 Conference.

The team of the organizers of the Urban Forum Almaty includes representatives of the Atomik Architecure architectural bureau, who created such important projects for Almaty as the “Arman Alma-Ata” exhibition and the Artpoint pavilion.

The general partner of the platform is Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan.