Social identity of non-central areas/districts of Almaty (On the examples of Orbita, Tastak, Shanyrak microdistricts)

The study, conducted by the Urban Forum Almaty team in 2016, examined the social identity of the three non-central areas and the ability of their residents to act collectively.
This first study of the social capital of non-central areas is intended to help better understand the potential for the development of polycentricity in Almaty.

The nature of social identity affects the community vitality. This is a relatively new concept that resonates with the notion of resilience – the ability of communities to recover from internal or external crises and develop, despite the scarcity of resources or other challenges, while maintaining their identity.

The notion of resilience was key in the second reporting event of the Urban Forum Almaty (November 15, 2016), at which the preliminary findings of the study were presented. The final report with recommendations for stakeholders was published in March 2017, and became the scientific basis for the new cycle of work of the Urban Forum Almaty.