Parameters of the Eurasian cities of Philipp Meuser

In 2015, Philipp Meuser first spoke about the concept of the typology of Eurasian cities in the pilot Urban Forum Almaty. For 2 years the number of parameters of the typology increased from 7 to 10 – they were discussed at a series of roundtables in June 22-23 in Astana, organized by the Urban Forum Almaty platform together with the Astana Urban Studies Center and with the support of Goethe-Institut Kasachstan.

The idea of a Eurasian city is an alternative definition of a post-soviet city. The Soviet architectural heritage is one of the parameters of typology, but not the only one.
The parameters are determined by the political, geographical and cultural conditions that have developed over the past 25 years.
1. Symbolism in architecture
2. Prevalence of national identity
3. The Soviet legacy
4. Population growth
5. Superprofits in the construction industry
6. Development of civil involvement
7. Merger of commercial and public spaces
8. Construction of huge residential complexes in the wild landscape
9. Wide motorways and priority for cars in the city
10. Identity is expressed through architecture

Urban Forum Almaty will continue to discuss the parameters of the Eurasian typology. We will be glad to hear your opinion on the concept.

We are grateful to Astana Urban Studies Center for hospitality and presentation of the concept of the capital’s master plan.

Photos of Adilkhan Ilyassov